Michael Schemmann, PhD, CPA, ICPA
    Professional banker, University professor of accounting & finance em.
    Managing Director of the IICPA Incorporated (Delaware) and Verein (Switzerland)


    Michael Schemmann is a CPA in the State of Washington, an ICPA International Certified Professional Accountant (2016 - present) of the International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants Verein, a former CMA of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants in Melbourne, Australia (2003 - 2016) and Authorised Public Accountant (AAPA-ACCA Global, UK, 1981).

    He provides and facilitates accounting services, including intellectual services for the setting of accounting standards, and codes of professional conduct & practices for International Certified Public Accountants (ICPAs) and applicants from related professional bodies worldwide. He is the author of a number of professional accounting study guides and English and German professional publications in the fields of accounting, money and banking, used in courses preparing candidatges for the ICPA examination.

    Education — Michael trained as an apprentice at Commerzbank Germany earning Bankkaufmann credentials, took a Diplom Betriebswirt in Marketing at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, an MBA and PhD in Business Administration at California Western University (now California Coast University) with a dissertation on the analysis of SEC replacement cost accounting, supported by extensive field work for listed companies in the US and Canada.

    Professional Experience

    Michael Schemmann is Managing Director of the International Institute of Certified Public Accountants Incorporated which he founded in 2003 and incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2008, and the International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants, a Swiss Verein in 2016. Other stations in his diversified professional career are spanning three continents — Western Europe, North America, Southeast and Central Asia:

    Founding Managing Director - 2011 to present - Association of Accredited Schools of Business International (AASBI), incorporated in the State of Delaware.

    Chair and Associate Professor of Accounting, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (now KIMEP University) in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the country's first post-Soviet era private English-speaking university serving 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Michael published his anecdotes entitled "The KIMEP Archipelago. Short Stories of a Dissident Professor from Kazakhstan" (available online at Amazon).

    Visiting Professor of Accounting & Finance, Assumption University, Graduate Schools of Business, Bangkok, Thailand. Also lecturing at Ramkhamhang University, Institute for International Studies in Bangkok, and Burapah University's School of Business in Chonburi, Thailand. Michael initiated and taught two semesters of CMA Review courses.

    Professional engagements, working for BDO and KPMG in Germany, and Deloitte Touche in auditing, special projects and US international taxation.

    Country Controller at Basel, Switzerland headquarters of Sandoz AG, now a part of Novartis, including secondment to Vancouver, Canada & Seattle, Washington, on international transfer pricing project.

    Prior experience as Credit Officer at the Bank of Nova Scotia's Corporate Credit, Headquarters on King & Bay Streets in Toronto, Canada, in charge of all major credit applications form three Western Provinces; junior officer at HiFi author, Paul E. Erdman's, United California Bank in Basel AG; and loan officer at American Express Bank, Zurich, Switzerland.

    Michael Schemmann is the author of a number articles and professional accounting, auditing study guides, and money and banking books published. His first bilingual English-German book (1978), entitled "Preparing German Financial Statements," was co-authored by Michael W. Brown, Esq., former CPA and partner of Deloitte at Seattle East-Side, and CFO of Microsoft Corporation before he took the position of Chief Operating Officer of the NASDAQ.

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