Associate Certified Professional Accountant ®

The certification mark as used, or intended to be used, by persons authorized by the International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants certifies, or is intended to certify, that the services provided are performed by professionals who have met established standards of knowledge, experience and competence required to excel in professional accounting at the associate level.


This program is
For ICPA International Certified Professional Accountants® course and exam click here.

See also ACPA E-Brochure January 2019 for America's Enrolled Agents — and ACPA Brochure January 2018 (PDF).


● Two-year accociate post-secondary degree in accounting, finance, business administration, economics, or related field.
● A passing grade of 225/300 of the IICPA's uniform ACPA Examination taken at a participating college or university.
● Remittance of prescribed fee for the applicant's life-time ACPA-appointment.

The Institute's ACPA review course is a shorter version of the ICPA Exam Review study guide, from which the ACPA Exam questions are taken, covering the following areas:

Part One:
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Management Accounting
External & Internal Auditing and Control.

Part Two:
Corporate Finance
Economics, Commercial Law
Introduction to Blockchain Accounting see AASBI article Blockchain is becoming the rage at US business schools.

The ACPA review and examination are a stepping-stone to the higher level of the full ICPA course and examination which requires a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance and related fields — see ICPA - International Certified Professional Accountant.

The ACPA Examination

Passrate 75/100 — no grades are reported between 69/100 and 74/100.
Credit for one passed of the two parts of the exam may be retained for 18 months.
The ICPA Examination may be repeated at the discretion of the participation school of business until passed.
Exam dates: One days 08:00 until 15:20 hours in May and November.


For further information please email the Secretary of the IICPA.

Created 2020-12-24