Association under Swiss law promoting the interests of International Certified Professional Accountants on the worldwide web this


    The secret of getting ahead is getting started. — Mark Twain
    IICPA is not an Old Boys' Club governed by people in position and of the past.
    IICPA started to appoint ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® designates in 2016 only over a year ago.
    IICPA does not serve governmental interests and agencies, but the future of international professionalism in accountancy and finance.
    IICPA Incorporated in Delaware is promoting forward-looking core principles that break with those of the failed past.
    IICPA's thrust is in the education of the young, of college and university accounting/finance/economics Bachelors as ICPAs, or ACPAs
    for Associates, to "hit the ground running."

    Benefits conferred on you by an ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® designations of the International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants®:
  • You earn privilege and global status subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct, unburdened by other conditions; earned by education and examination, or by recognition of professional status and membership in another accomplished professional organization.
  • Your designation and image are clear and visible as a unified global ICPA® and ICPA PROFESSIONAL® designation instead of fragmented CA, CFA, CPA, CMA, CMG, WP, StB, etc.
  • You are internationally employable and transferable, conversant in the global language of commerce which is English.
  • You remit a one-time fee for a life-time.
  • You are not subject to annual renewals and dues.
  • You are not burdened by annual CPE reporting in the way of redundant course work, a "hot topic" in the profession, as research has shown that CPE is not increasing competency.
  • Your appointment is for life, just like an academic degree BA, MBA or PhD, which are also awarded for life without periodic recertification.
  • You are connected to designation holders, potentially in 160+ countries. There are 2.5 million professional accountants in the world, the majority being unaligned, except perhaps through IFAC, which is not a designation/degree-granting professional body.
  • Your hourly charge-out rate by yourself or your employer will be that for a professional — namely, higher — also reflected in your income.
  • You have tax-deductible one-time dues and general meeting expenses, normally paid by your employer, and...
  • A standing invitation to enthusiastic and highly visible participation in a new professional accounting institute, established 2003, by submitting inspiring, even provocative, "food-for-thought" articles for publication by the IICPA.

Last updated 2018-02-02